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    Dec 17, 2019
    Recently got super cheap a pack containing useful USB cables + a Headphone Set with Mic included.
    But this headphone set comes with two connectors, one for the Headphones and the other is for the Mic.
    Now, this wouldn't be a problem, as most Laptops comes with two 3.5 jacks for Headphones and Mic respectively... but mine doesnt.

    When I connect the Mic Jack in my Lap's Jack, it get's recognized but it won't record anything.

    So... I'm needing some help here and I'm unsure what's the problem.

    Using my logic, I guess it simply won't work because I'm plugging my Mic to the Headphones Jack... but... could it be that I'm doing sometihng wrong here?
    I've looked at the Sound settings and I guess it shows the Mic but won't work.


    Also... if I'm indeed being stupid here... would you recommend me to get this:


    Or this:
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