Help? How do I decrypt the EBOOT.BIN to find the text I need to translate

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  1. darkraspberry

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    May 20, 2013
    [​IMG]I am trying to translate Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate PSP Visual Novel game to English.
    I know most of what I have to translate will be in the PSP_GAME>SYSDIR>EBOOT.BIN
    What I'm having trouble on is that I can't get the Japanese text I need to translate.
    So how do I go about decrypt the EBOOT.BIN file?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I barely started researching the translation scene and from what people say, sometimes the text won't be in the eboot.bin file. I believe you would have to find some way to extract the eboot.bin file and search the files from the extraction for the Japanese text.

    If I'm wrong, please correct me. Like I said, I'm just learning this myself.
  3. Ryupower

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    the eboot.bin might NOT have all the tect

    you NEED to look at ALL the files in the game

    i think the was app was edecrypt (it must be ran on a PSP)

    you need to use more tool and even make you own sometime when doing translation
  4. Neofan

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    Jun 13, 2013
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    I'm having the same problem, I have searched through most of the files for the scripts, knowing that i'm working on translating code geass lost colors(visual novel game). And As I have understood the BOOT.bin is an unencrypted(decrypted) version of the Eboot.bin , but still i couldn't open that file. As I have read if i understood correctly you CAN decrypt an Eboot.bin by using Game decrypter program on PSP , since i've got none I have failed to decrypt that file and open it. darkraspberry Update me please with your news if you made it , my e-mail's
    Thank you
  5. Julio Sotomayor

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    Jan 31, 2016
    ok, here's the thing: i'm also completely new to working with consoles as the only translation hacking i've done is for PC games the land of milk of honey. No crazy compression systems no crazy special file formats you just sit down, and get to work...

    i'm having the trouble right now that for the life of me all the editing i do on a psp game won't show up on the PPSPP emulator when it runs. i have no idea why. maybe it has to do with decryption. in any case for the OP's question:

    man, it REALLY is game-by-game. even games from the same company! I mostly stick to STARFISH games (wizardry empire/elminage) and recently i pried open the NDS game by them called Wizardry Asterisk and man was it a shock. i've done some light NDS stuff but i have never in my life seen a more daunting obstacle course for anyone wanting to translate that small game.

    apparently to i guess to save space ? they compressed _every_ _single_ _file_ so the normal process of going through every single file and opening it in a hex editor to check for japanese dialog (which is what i recommend you always do first before anything else) and then copying that jap-talk and pasting it into google translate to see if it has anything to do with what you're looking for (i.e. is it a random piece of dialog, or is it text from the game's character creation menu, etc)-- even that whole long, tedious process would take orders of magnitude longer with wizardry asterisk because you have to decompress EVERY. FILE. EVERY FIEL!!!!!!


    i mean at least they're all inside clearly labeled folders such as data, monsters, npc, etc, but i would rather they were all disorganized and NOT compressed....

    so i guess the real answer here is: if you are REALLY not sure where the game has its dialog, i.e. it doesn't even hint at anything with the folder names or the file names then do what i do and do it "moron style":

    1) open one of the files in a hex-editor, i recommend CrystalTile2
    2) use your mouse's scroll wheel (or arrow keys) and literally eye-ball the file slowly, very slowly, until you find a coherent-looking japanese sentence or word
    3) copy that and quickly open up google translate on chrome (or whatever) and paste it to see what it says. if for example you do this with 3 pieces of jap-text in that file and they are all references to stuff like mountains, towers, Tsu, ho, et,c than that is actually game code and useless to you.
    4) eventually you WILL find the dialog. you WILL. trust me. recently i found a piece of dialog i wanted to find from elminage 2 by starting up the game on the emulator and taking a screen-shot of the dialog; i then went through roughly about 9 different .BIN files in CrystalTile2 slowly eye-balling everything until i eventually found the conversation i was looking for...

    on the plus side trust me you will start learning to recognize/read japanese! lol can't be helped if you spend so much time looking at japanese characters and then translating them.
  6. flame1234

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    May 17, 2009
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    You need a PC running Windows, I think XP or later will work for this.
    Get PPSSPP, it's free.
    Go into options -> developer tools and enable the option: dump decrypted EBOOT.BIN on load.
    The decrypted EBOOT.BIN appears in memstick\DUMP in PPSSPP's folder by default. They get renamed according to the ISO's name.

    I use madedit find in files command but I'm sure there are better searching tools.
    Madedit won't work if the files are compressed, though. So write a program that decompresses them and then use madedit.
    There is a program offzip by the same author as QuickBMS that will search files for ZIP-compressed streams in files and unpack them. Do you know how files are compressed?

    If stuck, try the site fuwanovel forums. They like VNs over there; you might find some help.
  7. nasiiN

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    Mar 31, 2017
    Doesn't seem to work with SAO Infinity Moment. Do you know any standalone tool for decrypting EBOOT.BIN? I'm looking for something with command line support.
    Never mind, found deceboot.exe.
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