Help from switching from Gateway Setup (n3ds) to CFW

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    Aug 1, 2011

    You guys have helped me quite a bit when setting up my Gateway Emunand etc. on my n3ds (9.0.0.-20e version on Sysnand and GW3D 9.0.0.-20e on EMUNAND)

    -> Works fine but not i have found a new pokemon rom hack game (-snip-) and it says: "These will only work with Reinand 4.1, or Luma 5.5 and up."

    So i got a few questions:

    - My working Emunand Gateway has some programs installed (Save Data Filer.cia, DevMenu.cia and Titlemanager? Dunno if that is from Gateway, but does not matter i guess): If i upgrade to Reinand or Luma can i still use these programs to get my save files and install the games via DevMenu like i am used to?

    - Reinand or Luma? Which should i go for? Do i even need Gateway then? Have you got a good tutorial on how to install either of them? I found some here and also elsewhere but what is the most up2date or doesn't it really matter?

    Thank you!!

    PS: I thought i might open up a new thread for this because i got more than 1 question
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