[HELP] Disappearing Cias issues returns

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    Aug 13, 2017
    Hello, I just had a weird experience here. I was putting some .nds games on my SD card for testing TWloader, and when i put back my Card on my 3DS, every single things that i installed disappeared, even FBI, my theme and badges. It also created files for home menu, like it was the first time i used my SD card.
    I thought my 3DS couldn't read the files on it anymore because it somehow got corrupted, but all features of Luma like my splash, Rosalina, Decrypt9 and GodMode9 work just fine. I have an emunand on it, but the issue seems not to come from linked nands, because i entered many times on Data Management without any problems. Now it shows that there is nothing installed.
    All my files are still on my SD card.

    Did someone else had a problem like this ? I have a New 3DS XL using Luma3DS last release, with b9s on 11.5 sysnand.

    (Sorry if i did some mistakes on my message, i can easily do tutorial in english but writing is way more difficult '-')