[Help] CHMM2 Dead/Obsolete?

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    I'm not sure what the current meta for custom theme creation/management is right now, but a little research tells me it's still CHMM2, and it hasn't been updated for about a year or less. What's more is that I try to make a custom theme with YATA+ (which apparently has an update, but can't find the thread for it), and the BGM doesn't want to play ever--no matter how short the loop duration is, or how small the file size. If there's anyone that can tell me what people are using nowadays to create custom themes, I'd really appreciate them showing up here, and maybe adding to the discussion. Because I am completely in the dark.
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    idk why chmm hasn't been updated but, you can just install your themes as a cia file... if you are on a9lh of course...