Help a PSP noob out please!

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    Okay, First of all I'm sorry if i cause any trouble by asking this, I know i'm supposed to search for an answere but i coulnt find it. So here i am asking..

    Today i bought a PSP slim 2001 from a friend, I bought it so i could hack it i kinda got an idea on how to do that on my own, The thing is I don't want to risk it until i know 100% that it has a hackable mother board.

    I've searched for asnwers and keep comming up with the same thing. With the Serial Number behind the battery if it's HU216000 it's hackable, The thing is mine says HU1890391 And i'm not sure if that means it's hackable, By the way my PSP 2001 is piano black. I know i could check with with some software but this PSP has Version 6.20 when i restore it to default. Can anyone help me atleast to guide me if this PSP is hackable? Thank you for your help.
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    There are some sites that could help you out. Try Youtube. I could upload a video on how to downgrade from OFW 6.20 to 5.50 Gen-D3, but it may be inappropriate for this forum (somebody correct me if I'm wrong).

    But I can give you this:
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