HDD with multiple partitions

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  1. Warlord698

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    when I was on my old Wii I was using a Hard drive with multiple partitions where the first one was for homebrew and the second was for my backups. Does anybody know if i let the WiiU format the drive, will it format the first partition or the whole drive?
  2. clay.r.08

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    i have formatted a hard drive but it was only one partition

    i could test it but i dont feel like messing with it now, but i would like to know the answer

    after wii u formatted that one partiton hard drive i hooked it up to computer and it showed up as not initialised unalocated
  3. PrimeX

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    Dec 27, 2012
    If you format the drive with Wii U you'll get only one partition big as the whole drive and with the Wii U filesystem.
    That is why you cannot see the drive from Windows.
  4. GorTesK

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    As far as I know, the WiiU formats the whole drive, not just one partitition. And it uses a special WiiU format that wont be recognized by your computer without the use of special software. If you want to know more about HDD formating and partitioning for WiiU, try the search function. There have been quite a few attempts to that matter so far.
  5. clay.r.08

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    I know why i cant read it with windows, i was only giving inforamtion about what windows said in disk managment

    i just find it more strange than normal because at least with other formats like wbfs i have seen it at least show up as raw or something

    the only other time i have seen something that sets up a hard drive like the wii u is doing was when i used encryption software to lock hard drives
    you could only see the contents of the hard drive with that software and only with the correct password, and you could make the password just a typed word or also almost anything, you could make the password a file, and the file could be any kind of file, a mp3, jpeg, txt, pretty much anything

    anyways i dont know a lot about that kind of stuff but to use that encryption software you had to format the hard drive and after format it windows disk managment would say the drive was not initialised

    so might take a lot of smart people to figure out what nintendo is doing their
  6. ayrek

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    From what I understand, the reason it is showing up that way in windows is because the Wii U formats the whole drive, and doesn't use a partition table.