HDD Not recognized for emulation

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    So first of all, whenever I use USB loader GX, It freezes on "initializing usb device" unless I power off the hard drive and power it on when it says "waiting for hdd". That is the only way it will load up, the harddrive ONLY works in the top back USB Slot and it only works when I am formatted to WFBS. I have it formatted to NTFS and while it does show my HDD has 34.24gb of 178.49gb free, it doesnt show any of my games

    I recently formatted it to NTFS and I am trying to use Wii64, Visual Boy Advanced, Snes9xgx and the NES emulator i forget the name. None of these recognize my USB slot at all. Wii64 gives me an "error cannot load wii64/roms, Snes9xgx just doesnt even recognize the USB HDD.

    I have all the directories correct on the HDD on where the games should be, do you think maybe I need to downgrade my cios or something? Just looking for a fix for these problems and cant seem to find one just keep running into problems


    So I never realized this, but when I use snes9xgx or VBAGX i can access my USB hard drive but it shows no games. It only shows "config" and "dell". I have never seen those files on the hard drive before. I do have a dell laptop but the only files I ever put on my HDD were my roms/isos etc. Not sure why it is showing those folders and no games.

    BTW I am using a iomega NTFS hard drive, it is powered by its own power supply.
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    These ones only read from fat or sd, friend. Need wait a ntfs compatible version.

    And Try another loaders, or wii backup mananger to make your games directory.