1. raenef

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    Oct 31, 2008
    United States
    well since no one at ps2iso.net will help me,i'm hoping you nice users can help me. anyways I got Namco x capcom and burned it on a TDK DVD-R at 1x speed on imgburn and it will not work. I have 2 swapmagics:swap magic 2.0 DVD version and swap magic 3.6 CD version. In the dvd version I get a pink screen,in the cd version,it says 'not a valid PS2 disc'. this has also happened when I tried MvC2 awhile ago. should I use a different burning program? BTW in imageburn I clicked 'write file to disc' then selected the iso and burned at 1x speed.please help me someone i've tried this all day. THANKS!! [​IMG]
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