Hard drive formatting question

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    Hello, just got myself a deal on a new Wii U deluxe, so I had to buy it, I'm loving the thing, and plan to hack the vWii mode shortly (after carefully reading what to do exactly so I don't brick it as I know its much more dangerous in the vWii than a regular Wii.

    Anyway, I know you can use a hard drive with the Wii U officially, and I want to use the 1.5TB hard drive I'm already using for my regular Wii. Is there anyway to format the unused 500GB for the Wii U, while retaining the 1 TB of data for the hacked Wii? Will the Wii U be able to properly access both partitions depending on where I'm approaching from?

    I know uStealth can be used to remove the request to format a hard drive, but is there a way to format part of the hard drive without losing the data already on it for the hacked vWii?

    Much thanks for any help!
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    I'm gonna go with "no" on this. If you use UStealth, the Wii U mode won't see the HDD at all.

    If you don't use UStealth and are having Wii homebrew stuff on the HDD, the Wii U mode will most likely format it all if you let it.

    Then again - try with a empty HDD. It's not like you'll lose anything except some time.
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    No way to partition for WiiU . Sadly.
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