HANS Speed Test

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    HANS can replace encrypted {Rom,Exe}FS with decrypted {Rom,Exe}FS
    Let's see how fast the 3DS goes without encryption

    For example, you are going to load a course in Mario Kart 7
    Game: Mario Kart 7 (JPN)
    Action: Load Neo Bowser City
    Source of game: SD or Gamecart
    (micro)SD card: Sandisk Ultra 32GB

    Launch the game with HANS to make things fair... just turn on/off {Rom,Exe}FS replacement

    o3ds (268mhz) no replacement: %s seconds
    o3ds (268mhz) replacement: %s seconds

    n3ds (804mhz) no replacement: %s seconds
    n3ds (804mhz) replacement: %s seconds
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