Hackintosh Video Issues

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    So I'm trying this again with a new pc that's AMD let me give the specs.

    AMD Phenom II X4 805 @ 2.5Ghz
    Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P motherboard
    HD Radeon 4850 XFX 1GB GDDR3
    4GB DDR2 Corsair RAM @ 1066Mhz
    1TB Hitatchi Deskstar SATA HDD
    IDE Pioneer DVR-118L

    So this guy on youtube says he has the same mobo as i do and has everything working just peachy with his config.
    Here's the vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAK-CQJ2HHo
    He shows everything he checked and what he did to get it to work.
    It's true it did kinda work, Except I have a few problems I can't solve. I have a different graphics card then he does and every time I try and install a driver the video dies thus killing the install since I can't do anything without video.
    Sound he say works but was something I could not get to work because in terminal I keep getting permission denied even when I'm in super user mode. Btw the only way I've gotten this to boot is with Cpus=1 -v -x and that puts me in safe mode. Also i can't install any applications such as skype. When I do the kernel panics. Now that I've listed everything I know, can some one please help?

    Especially with the video I can't find the proper video driver anywhere, is there a place where all this stuff is located? If not is there a way to compile the driver myself from a linux version?
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    Try this

    Also this is how you delete a kext in single user mode. I've done it a bazillion times.

    fsck -fy
    mount -uw / 
    cd /System/Library/Extensions/ 
    rm -rf NameOfKext.kext 
    You're getting the access denied because you're not mounting the disk correctly in single user mode. When I first did this in single user mode, I also made this mistake. Make sure there is a space between the "w" and the "/" in the "mount -uw /" command.