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    I was looking for a good tutorial for using mac on a pc along with a copy of windows. I have a laptop it is a toshiba c655d-s5043 if you need the specs. I hope this doesnt go against the tos and if it is i apoligize. Any help is truly appreciated thank you.
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    Don't worry, as long as you don't put suspicious files as downloads in your posts (A.K.A warez and torrents and roms and isos...) you'll be good.

    Hackintosh... I don't have a goddamn clue. [​IMG]
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    Installing OS X on a PC can be a bit of work, and you'll probably need to find all of the specs of your laptop and make sure kexts (sort of the hackintosh equivalent to drivers) have been made for your computer (ie. your wireless card, sound card, etc.) If you can't find any kexts for some of the parts, you may be SOL. But insanelymac.com is probably the number one spot for getting started, they have numerous tutorials and such as well as hardware compatibility lists.

    Unfortunately, it will be hard to find a step by step guide simply because the process will be different for each person's computer model, as well as what version of OS X you want (10.6.4 is the latest, but many online guides have not been updated to support snow leopard)

    Personally, I used iDeneb to install Leopard on my netbook and it works great. If you can put the effort in and find the kexts and such I would highly recommend it.

    Finally, dual booting should not be problem once you have OS X installed. Most hackintosh methods these days involve using a bootloader called chameleon which can easily be set to dual boot between OS X and Windows. You can also use different bootloaders, I have personally used Windows and GRUB bootloaders and with a little bit of tweaking either can boot into either OS. Best of luck to you hope you get a nice hackintosh going [​IMG]
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    That you dont know the specs in your own computer raises some serious red flags here. If you cant tell what you have, you're simply not going to get it to work.

    I would recomend posting on www.insanelymac.com, its a great resource on hackintoshing. I'm sure you'll find a better answer there than here.

    Hackintoshing is 45% luck(if your using existing hardware instead of buying something with OS X in mind) and 45% trail + error. Stick with it even if it doesnt work out at first, eventually you'll know exactly what drivers(kexts) you need and how to go about installing them, and if your hardware is compatible it'll be pretty smooth once its all set up, provided you do it right.

    As for myself, I've had pretty good success using a combination of a retail copy of Snow Leopard and EmpireEFI.
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