Hacking the Nintendo 3DS

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by GeekyGuy, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. GeekyGuy

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    Yes, it's too early to really know what hackers/card manufacturers will be dealing with, but we do have some solid facts already available that should allow us to at least speculate on the matter.


    Perhaps the biggest piece of info we have to go on comes directly from Nintendo's official E3 2010 website:

    "A port that accepts both Nintendo 3DS game cards and game cards for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems, an SD memory card slot, an AC adapter connector, a charging cradle terminal and a stereo headphone output jack."

    So, we're still dealing with cartridge/card-based media. Perhaps the biggest variable to consider is the system's infrastructure as it pertains to online. From the sounds of it, the system is always online whenever there is an access point available.

    Questions to speculate on:

    1. Will it be hack-able?
    2. To what extent?
    3. How long after the system's launch will it take flash-card manufacturers to present 3DS owners with viable products to back up their ROMs?
    4. What can we expect to pay for 3DS-compatible flash cards within the first year or two of the system's life cycle?
    5. What expectations do you have for Nintendo in response to piracy and how it relates to the 3DS?
  2. tk_saturn

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    Jan 26, 2010
    Why don't you speculate in teh 2 threads on exactly the same subject? instead of creating yet another thread in the wrong forum?

    Thread #1

    Thread #2
  3. Sarvesh50

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    Jul 7, 2008
    I really hope homebrew will be possible on the 3ds or else i expect the worst for gbatemp.
  4. GentleFist

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    this is so stupid im sick of this threads, and also the only thing you could speculate is that ds mode will probably be hacked but thats something noone cares about since everyone got their lites and i's or phats...
  5. Fudge

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    This is a much more cleaner topic and asks questions about things other than "When will it be hacked?"

    1. Yes. Nearly every system is hackable to some extent.
    2. I'm guessing we will be able to load ROMs and homebrew, but probably much more due to all the new features.
    3. 1-2 years. There hasn't been a huge DSi exploit yet, and you can probably bet the 3DS will be way more secure.
    4. $50-$100. Remember how much NDS flash carts were initially?
    5. Firmware updates. Useless ones. Kinda like the Wii [​IMG].
  6. regnad

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    May 19, 2008
    My prediction:

    1) It will be a very long time if ever before this system is hacked.

    2) Mods will either lock this thread or move it to the 3DS forum.

    Hope I'm wrong with my first prediction, but I bet I'm on the money with the second!
  7. Vulpes Abnocto

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    Are you psychic!?! [​IMG]

    We've got quite enough of these threads already
    (though I must admit that this one is done far better than the others)
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