Hack 3.55 with MGS PO+ - is it possible?

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    Mar 19, 2016
    Two weaks ago I bought a PS Vita - I didn't know anything about hacking, I only knew it could play PSP games. However my FW is 3.57, so no TN-V. So this weak I bought another one PS Vita with 3.55 FW, cause I knew it's able to run TN-V on this version. So I registered new PSN account (US region). Problem is I don't have US credit card, cannot add my Paypal account (don't know why), so the only option is to buy a PSN Store coupon. So my question is - can I buy intead of Minima Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops + (which I could buy on my account, not the new one) and flash TN-V through this game. I know MGS PO+ has exploit and through it could be flashed 3.57 OFW. Could I flash 3.55 as well? Or there there is save with TN-V only for Minima and is not "compatible" with other games? I don't want to buy some game which I will never play for nothing.

    Another question is - can I transfer Minima or MGS PO+ to Vita without PS3 (for e.g.: from PC? So it is possible to download it to PC and then tranfer to Vita?). I have PC, Xperia Play, PS Vita, my girlfriend has X360, but I never had any Sony's big console (and my friends too). PS Store on 3.55 Vita don't let me sign-in even with Vita Update Blocker (in PS Vita is account of former owner and if I want to format the console, I have to update to 3.57...) so I need to transfer game into Vita some other way.
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    Wasn't Metal Ops+ an EU Store game only?
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    Some key points you might need to know:

    - Vita update blocker doesn't allow you to access PSN features. (PS Store, etc.)
    - PSN features simply cannot be accessed below the latest firmware.
    - I think you're getting the terms 'flashed' and 'installed' muddled up. Mimina and MGS PO+ basically have exploit savedata which install a TN-V bubble to the home screen.
    - If you can't buy it from the PS Store on your PC, then you're only option is to buy (or borrow) a PS3 and buy/transfer one of the exploit games from there to your Vita.

    - Your Vita would need to be activated to play Mimina or MGS PO+ anyway, and even that requires a PS3 too.

    TL;DR, I'm afraid you might need a PS3 for all of this.

    IIRC, I think MGS PO+ is distributed in all regions. And there is exploit savedata for all of those regions. (JP, EU, US)
    EDIT: Hackinformer says that MGS+ has exploit savedata for EU and JP users. Mimina Lyar Chronicles, on the other hand, has exploit savedata for US users only. (But obviously you can download the US game from the US Store on your PC, but OP seemed to have trouble with that.)
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    Mar 19, 2016
    Sorry for my english, maybe I said something wrong. I know what mean flash and install etc. I'm from Czech republic (Europe), I already had account (Europe), but Minima is only for US and JPN, so I registrated a new one (US). Can I buy MGS PO+ and intall TN-V through this? Or I need Minima when I'm on 3.55? And could I buy one of the game (on 3.57 Vita), transfer it to PC and then transfer it to second (3.55) Vita? Still I have to activate the console? (I suppose yes) - then PS3 is the only way.

    So for what is Vita Update Blocker good for? I thought it says to Vita that it's FW is the last one and PS Store is then available.
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  5. grafate

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    PS3 is your PS store access. Vita update blocker only works days after a new firmware hits.