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    Have you ever wanted to get Homebrew on your Wii, but you don't know how?
    Well, this Guide will go step by step to get you going. This guide is mainly for
    beginners, whom have never hacked their Wii, or don't know what to do.


    What you'll need:

    1. A Wii (2006-2007 Model; Preferably the White one)
    2. An SD Card (2GB or Larger)
    3. Starter Kit
    4. An Internet Connection
    5. A Computer
    6. A USB Drive (If you wish to backup games
    Let's begin:

    1. Download the Startkit & Extract the Corresponding folders, to an SD Card
    2. Visit this site: https://please.hackmii.com/ -- This is Letterbomb, enter your Wii's MAC Address, which can be found in the Settings. Then make sure the Region checked is your Region and System Version. Then click either Buttons (Red or Blue wire).
    3. You'll get a zip file; extract it to the Root of your SD Card.
    4. Now, eject your SD Card, and insert it into your Wii.
    5. On your Wii, open the Message Board, then go back 1 Day. If you see the 'Red Letter' with a Bomb inside it, open it.
    6. Now, the Exploit will run. Wait around 1 minute, until it says press (1).
    7. Now install the HBC, and Bootmii (As boot2 & bootmii ios); and then prepare to SD Card.
    8. Click on exit; Now, on your Wii's Home Menu, you'll see the HBC appear, start it!
    9. Now, all your Wonderful Homebrew should appear on screen. Below is a list of the More important homebrew.
    10. In order to use CFG USB Loader, you'll need IOS' 249 & 250. Click here to see the Guide.

    That is all, if you have any questions or concerns, please comment below.
    You can also view other Guides to see how other Apps need to be setup.


    20160707_131812[1].jpg 20160707_131830[1].jpg
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