GTA 5 Issue

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    I have a Sager Np9377 laptop. I am having an issue with Grand Theft Auto 5. I purchased the digital version through Steam. I can launch and play the game fine, but only a single time. If I try to play the game again, it just black-screens and says not responding. I can't play game again until I restart my computer/laptop. I have been talking to the game company Rockstar and they helped me all they could with the issue. They think the issue is that the game is not clearing/flushing the VRAM after exit, and because of that I can't relaunch game, or any other game for that matter. I then contacted Nvidia since my laptop has 2 Nvidia GTX 870Ms, and Nvidia has not been much help (they suggested updating my sBIOS?). Anyone else experience this issue and or know a fix for it? Thoughts/help greatly appreciated :)