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    Jul 19, 2014
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    I created an account back in July to ask a question, but never became active and didn't get around to posting in here.

    I'm a student and hobbyist indie game developer. My preferred language is C# and I use XNA for game development, but I've recently been studying C++ and SDL2 (as options for multiplatform development, as multiplatform XNA requires a fairly expensive commercial product.)

    I've also dabbled in web and graphic design, and have produced EDM and cinematic music for around seven years (although I don't have many finished projects to show for it.)

    You can click here for a link to my portfolio as a composer/producer/sound designer. There aren't many finished tracks there, as most of them are just demos. Think of them as the audio equivalent of 'sketches.'

    I'd definitely contribute to the scene as a developer if I had the knowledge, but my experience extends only as far as (relatively simple) game development.

    I'm a fan of retro games such as Chrono Trigger (which I never finished), the Golden Sun Series (which I'm in the process of finishing), as well as pretty much any retro/pixel-art inspired indie game. Also, the Myst series and any similar puzzle game.