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    May 25, 2010
    hey everyone!

    HaNks (my Nintendo alias) here :)

    been posting in the 3DS forums recently but thought it time to put up a brief introduction.

    first of all - thanks for everyone in the community for keeping these forums up to date with discussion and useful tools. I've researched various Wii/DS modding info on here in the past and found it to be invaluable. A real treasure trove of info.

    Long time Nintendo gamer since the SNES days and still going strong into my mid-20's :D kind of inactive gaming wise, but the 3DS has brightened things up, along with the new Wii Zelda, amongst other things. Last time I really went at Nintendo games heavily was MKDS and a handful of Gamecube titles. The Wii has been a bit of a letdown all in all so I've drifted over into PC gaming - Steam etc in recent years.

    Look forward to contributing what I can in terms of 3DS/Nintendo discussion and being a more active member of the community from now on.

    HaNks :D