got screwed by modchipsdirect, wheres the approved list?

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by buttermancer, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. buttermancer

    buttermancer Newbie

    Feb 9, 2013
    United States
    San Diego, California
    Ordered a DSTWO from modchipsdirect. Somehow a Acekard 2i was placed in the DSTWO package. I think maybe they were updating it and it got swapped? I dont know its a weird issue. I tried contacting them to send it back and get the proper card.

    First email they said they get from two suppliers and it was not possible. I took a picture and sent it to them. They asked for the cards serial number and i could not find it. And so far no reply.

    Im going to contact my credit card company and get a refund on monday for a false product.

    Till then anyone have a reputable dealer i can get a DSTWO from?
  2. chrisrlink

    chrisrlink your friendly neighborhood serial killer

    Aug 27, 2009
    United States
    Elm street
    never had a problem with real hot stuff i used it 3 times no issues
  3. EyeZ

    EyeZ GBAtemp Addict

    Dec 4, 2009
    Yup, i only read good comments about Real Hot Stuff here.
  4. Rydian

    Rydian Resident Furvertâ„¢

    Feb 4, 2010
    United States
    Cave Entrance, Watching Cyan Write Letters
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