GOOD n64/psx Emulator for ios?

Discussion in 'iPhone, iPod & iPad' started by MajinChibi, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. MajinChibi

    MajinChibi Member

    Apr 25, 2007

    i think you all know psx4all and n64ios.
    The emulators from zod ( )

    But even though he made lots of update promises, the only thing he did was making them buyable for ios 5.
    In the cydia description you can read about a "coming soon" update with native ipad support and classic controller support. (since over a year)

    i bought both emulators and i think its terrible, so much time and they are still unplayable.
    Even though ipad 2 got enough power to handle them.

    Does anybody know an alternative?

    Maybe you can help me sending some requests for n64/psx emulators to robert broglia ( )
    He made snes9x ex, nes.emu, gbc.emu, gba.emu and so on. They are all great emulators and frequently updated.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english ;)
  2. The Milkman

    The Milkman GBATemp's Official Asshat Milkman

    Jan 12, 2011
    United States
    Throwing milk at the bitches!
    Most iOS emulators are pretty bad, and PSX4All is the only one I can really think of. If you really want a good EMU then I would recommend getting a decent android or PSP. Sorry I couldnt be of more help :(
  3. MajinChibi

    MajinChibi Member

    Apr 25, 2007
    Thank you anyway :)

    (but i dont think most ios emulators are pretty bad, as i said gbc.emu, gba.emu, nes.emu, md.emu, msx.emu, ngp.emu, snes9x ex and much more from robert broglia are superb! Thats why i hope he will start working on n64/psx :) )
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