Good Multiplayer platformer on GC/Wii?

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    Hello guys! Last weekend my local EBGames had a clearance sale. There I bought Kirby's Epic Yarn for dirt cheap. I really just bought it to add to my collection to to really play it. My girlfriend came over the next day and wanted to play. For me this was quite special since I have tried many times to get her to play many games over many consoles over many different genres. After a while she was really liking it and I was happy to see that. It was real fun playing with her. Then she asked what game would we play after we beat that one. Now this is where my question kicks in.

    What is a good platformer for GC or Wii? The reason I say GameCube is because that is what I mainly get games for since it is one of my favorite consoles so if I could get a new game for that it's like Two birds with one stone. I don't know to much about this genre so I need your help. There are always the marios bu I dislike those (i'm just not good in them).

    I am looking for a game with a cutesy story not so dark. It had to be multiplayer (at least 2). It would be better if we both played at the same time. What I mean by this is complete levels together like in the New Super Mario Bros or Epic Yarn. That is all. I was thinking of the other Kirby title on the Wii but wasn't sure. I prefer my fellow tempers opinions.
    So please leave me your advice.
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    Honestly, I don't know of a single GameCube platformer like this. Unless you count Zelda: Four Swords, which isn't a platformer and plays like a classic top-down Zelda game, but with up to four players. The Wii is what really brought this idea to the forefront, starting with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Here's the ones I know...

    -New Super Mario Bros. Wii (as I mentioned before.... the more people playing, the better)
    -Kirby's Return to Dream Land (my personal favorite... it's a bit too easy for the first couple worlds, but then difficulty starts to ramp up after that, and the multiplayer is much less frustrating than NSMBWii... Also includes instantaneous drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, so you can add/subtract players in the middle of the game easily)
    -Donkey Kong Country Returns (I haven't played but a few minutes of this, but I heard it's quite good, only up to two players, though
    -Kirby's Epic Yarn (of course, you already know about this one)
    -Rayman Origins (haven't played this one either, but I also heard it's good)
    -Super Smash Bros. Brawl (it's a side scrolling fighter, but the "Subspace Emissary" story mode is quite long, and players like a platformer half the time, and features drop-in/drop-out two player co-op)

    Of all the games listed here, I strongly suggest Kirby's Return to Dream Land the most. But I'm probably in the minority here.
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