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    Dec 10, 2009
    So I got Tyrian 2k, thanks to that GBAtemp Recommends article. Played OpenTyrian a bit on my DS, and I wanted to play it on my PC. So, I downloaded it from GOG.com, and, to my dismay, I couldn't add it to Steam. It had all these DOSBOX parameters that would just be a hassle, and Steam also doesn't allow .ico for icons.

    So I made this. What it basically does is take the shortcut that the installer makes, and get info from it to create an executable that will launch the game, and allow you to add it to Steam through the "Add Non-Steam Game" menu.

    Please feel free to give feedback and bug reports. I've tested this myself, but a bug or two may have slipped through.

    Theoretically, it should be able to create launchers for anything, but I was too lazy to account for all the bugs that would pop up, and made a check so that only games downloaded from GOG.com work. Source code is there if you want to tinker with it though.

    First things first, here's a virus scan

    Download from my (WIP) website
    Download from my Dropbox

    (Links have been shortened with goo.gl to provide analytics for me. If you prefer direct links, this links to my website download, and this links to my Dropbox download)

    Source Code
    The source code is available at my GitHub here and is licensed under GNU GPL v3

    Got Binding of Isaac's DLC? Check out my launcher here.
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