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    Seeing as some of us have a GCW0 which has a built-in webserver and AP hosting... :)

    Here's a small tutorial for using your GCW0 to self-host your own go-gateway service. This, obviously, is for 3DS/2DS <9.2.


    1) As always, obtain the Gateway 3.x Launcher.dat and put it on the root of your 3DS/2DS's SD card.
    2) Download go-gateway.apk from this thread and extract the assets/index.html file.
    3) Optical for 3DS; Manditory for 2DS - ssh in or ftp download/edit/upload the /usr/local/etc/hostapd-ap.conf and change


    This is necessary as 2DS doesn't support TKIP but does support CCMP (aka AES).

    4) Create a folder in your home directory called go_gatway
    5) Upload the index.html file from step 2 to the go_gateway folder (do not upload it into a subfolder)
    6) Create a small script called go_gateway.sh

    cd /media/data/local/home/go_gateway
    python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80 &>/dev/null &
    Python has a built-in minimal web server, so this merely invokes it.

    7) Upload the go_gateway.sh to the go_gateway folder. Make sure it's marked as executable (you might need to ssh in for this) with

    chmod a+x go_gateway.sh
    in the go_gateway folder.

    8) Add a go_gateway.sh link to your Settings section on the GCW0 (press Select and use "Add link in settings").
    9) Using GCW Connect, "Create AP". Look at "AP Info" to find out the key (which is, AFAIK, just your MAC address)
    10) Add your gcw-.... as your internet connection. The internet connection test will fail unless you're tethering your GCW to a computer (or similar).


    1) Launch go_gateway.sh from your Settings menu in the GCW0.
    2) Use GCW Connect to "Create AP"
    3) On your 3DS/2DS in the internet browser, connect to
    Note: You can't (AFAIK) have a wifi connection and AP hosting at the same time on the GCW0. So, you might have to "Disconnect" first. Obviously, if you're doing this just after Setup step (9) means you'll already have the AP created.

    PS - If you have any questions, issues, please comment in this thread. Hopefully I didn't forget anything and none of this is too confusing.

    PSS - Special thanks for the #gcw IRC channel for some help on step (3), natinusala for go-gateway.apk, and the Gateway team.
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