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    Sep 23, 2018
    I configured EmuNand with USB Loader GX to play GHWoR with DLC, at the first moment everything works fine, but when I scroll down on playlist the preview sound just don't sound and if I open a song stay on loading screen and don't appear the song. Looking problems or issues with cIOS D2x (I'm using v10 beta 12: 249 (56); 250 (57); 251 (58) ) I found the issue #54 (Guitar hero 6 the songs previews stop playing, once they stop any song will freeze when launched. The game doesn't crash once the previews stop, you can back out browse the menus and songs, but once you load a song it will crash.) that describe my problem, but appear as closed and don't know if this means that issue was fixed or don't have solution.

    In case this have solution, what could be?? on USB Loader GX ios configured has 58 for launcher and 249 to launch games (for GHWoR too) and trying to launch the game with 250 or 251 run black screen. The solution that I use for now is to transfer DLC to SD on Rock Archives to play DLC on Real Nand with my original DVD but are a lot of songs and I have to transfer one by one (710 in total with song on Game, DLC I think are 606 songs). So, there's a easiest way to transfer all DLC to SD? or to fix this issue #54??

    I'm using a HDD for EmuNand (HDD partition Fat32 (EmuNand and GameCube Games) /NTFS (Wii Games)
    DLC downloaded and installed with GH-DLC Downloader and DLC Registrator
    GHWoR run with complete emulate nand
    Nand dumped with USB Loader GX on HDD and Uneek+Di installed with ModMii (Cyan Tutorial)
    DVD Game Dumped with USB Loader GX on (WBFS)
    DLC installed with tutorial and program of Rudi4President and jtp10181 from the wiihacks-Forum
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