Getting online with my PS2

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by sYndrome13, Sep 23, 2009.

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    Okay, I'll admit that there are only a small handful of PS2 games that I'd want to play online, but I like to make the fullest use of whatever hardware I own and I do have a Network Adapter installed in my PS2 (more for the hard drive functionality than any network features).

    Trouble is, if I try to get online with even a legitimate game, I get an error message telling me I'm not allowed on the servers. (Please forgive my vagueness. It's been a while since I even tried to get online with my PS2 and I didn't write down the exact error then.)

    I've read mention of DNAS in passing and even glanced over at the PS2 Online section of SKS Apps - hxxp:// - but I have absolutely no idea of where to even begin trying to get online with the PS2 so I haven't downloaded any programs yet.

    Can someone point me in the right direction and help me play online games on my PS2? I would greatly appreciate the help. As it is, every time I find some mention of DNAS and modchip and online play, my eyes just roll back in my head and I load Katamari Damacy to calm myself down. [​IMG]
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    its quite possible the games that you are trying online had their servers shutdown. if not do you have your internet directly connected to the network adapter. If you are going through a firewall or a router or internet connection sharing it may be blocking the ports you need to play the game.