get wads from channels ?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Mr.MII, Apr 18, 2015.

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    hi there awhile ago i installed a lot of game wad channels onto the wii (mostly super nes and nes games). now i dont remember where i got all the wads from and they arent on my sd card in the wad section. the channels for the games are still on my wii and i just click and play. what im trying to do is take those channels and extract the wads out of them or something. i dont know what to do or if thats even possible lol.
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    it's possible!

    You can use BlueDump to dump Titles to Wad.
    the wads will be placed in sd:/bluedump/wad/ folder. (or something like this, probably a folder called "YABDM" instead).

    When dumping Titles, you will have the choice to sign and fake the ticket/signature.
    You can follow the recommended choice (displayed on screen) if it's already not official wad files you installed.

    patching/Faking = the wad can be installed on any Wii.
    keeping official ticket and signature = the wad can be re-installed only on the console it comes from.

    Just in case someone don't know yet : If you use bluedump to create wads for your official vWii IOS titles, don't patch them (answer no to both question) or you will brick your vWii if you install patched IOS wad.
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