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    EDIT:this guide is only useful to those that do not have PSM runtime 2.01 (latest) and have
    a PSM game installed (they cannot be redownloaded)

    Im sure some of you (including me) decided to Install the PSM Runtime Package from Sony.
    It will download and Install 1.00 just fine.

    The problem occurs when you click the "Update" button and Proceed to Install the PSM Runtime Package 1.02.

    It will download it but will not ever install it.
    Rebooting won't Install it
    Deleting and Reinstalling Will reinstall 1.00 (but not 1.02)
    Downloading the update again will not Install it.
    BUT , running a Playstation Mobile game at least once WILL install it :yaypsp:
    but normally, that requires buying a PSM Game, which of course costs $$$.
    Except for the next few weeks that is. it seems Sony is making 1 PSM game free for a week, for 6 weeks.
    the Free game this week is "Beats Slider". its 95MB Total.
    1. Install PSM Runtime 1.00 then update to 1.02.
    2. when 1.02 is ready to Install, Download "Beats Slider" (or the next free game) from the PSN Store [PlayStation Mobile category]
    3. When "Beats Slider is done Installing, simply run it.
    4. you should see a update progress bar for PSM Runtime 1.02.
    5. when it finishes, you should now have 1.02 and not have a lingering update to apply.
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