Get DSCovered to autoload?

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  1. Bauldrick

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    Jan 22, 2009
    Hello, this is a very noob question..

    I've had a couple a cards for a while (m3real - r4ds) and have only ever used original firmware/menu.

    I've only just bothered to look at other menu's and have got my m3 card to use DSCovered, which is very nice and simple for the kids (which is what I'm after). Now I'm trying to put DSCovered on the r4 card, but I can't get it to automatically run from start. I can load DSCovered from inside the game menu or I can rename DSCovered.nds to _DS_MSHL.NDS and load it instead of 'media' from the r4 menu.

    So, my question I guess is can it be done and how? I've read alot of stuff in the last day and I'm not even sure if this DSCovered is the best/latest thing to be running, but it seems nice, is there anything else I should consider/use?

    I've just gotten a r4i-sdhc card aswell, because one of the kids is getting a dsi for christmas, can anything better than the original menu be run on that?

    Many thanks..
  2. Dter ic

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    Feb 19, 2009
    damm why r4i???
    you coud of gotten an acekard2i [​IMG]

    dscovered on r4 is relitivly easy. dscovered and setup ysmenu( through ysauto)
    2.get the dldl win32 gui patcher and the r4 dldl all dscovered files on root of microsd
    4.upen the dldl patcher and patch the dscovered.nds
    5.rename dscovered.nds to DS_MENU.DAT