GBAtemp Recommends! Turbo Turtle Adventure

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    [​IMG] GBAtemp Recommends! Turbo Turtle Adventure
    G.R. Issue #21 (GBA)

    What a week it's been, but hey, look at us putting the effort in to bring you this weeks issue of G.R.! Yes, welcome back to GBAtemp Recommends! Our popular weekly magazine feature in which we recommend classic Game Boy Advance titles big and small!

    GBAtemp Recommends!

    Turbo Turtle Adventure
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I know what you're thinking... How could a game with such a lame title, and not to mention the laughably bad boxart, be any good? Well, pop this game in your GBA and you may be in for a surprise.

    Turbo Turtle Adventure is a puzzle come action game. It plays very much like a top-down Super Monkey Ball or Marble Madness type game -- you control a tiny turtle who rolls around the stage, solving the puzzles to get to the goal. While Turbo Turtle Adventure brings nothing new to the marble rolling genre, it does what it's supposed to do well, and it's interesting levels and puzzles make for an enjoyable pick up and play puzzler. Hidden in the stages are several temporary power-ups to help you out, that will help you overcome obstacles such as fans, forcefields, generators and slippery or crumbling surfaces. All of this adds up to some tough challenges that are enjoyable yet tricky to solve.

    A lot of the game is trial and error, and with situations in which it's possible to screw up so badly that you have to restart the level to complete it, so the game often gets a little frustrating, but it's certainly rewarding when you finally figure out how to get the turtle home.

    The game controls very well, with the little turtle responding promptly to your directions. Presentation wise, the game won't win any awards for its graphics or music "score", but neither of these are terrible, and they fit the bill.

    Turbo Turtle Adventure is a great pick up and play puzzler for fans of this game type. And weighing in at a measly 32Mbit, you've got no excuse to cram this onto your cart and give it a roll.

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    Hey, the boxart isn't bad! It's cute, I like it [​IMG]
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    Where the hell are these games coming from?! Each time one of the "Recommends!" articles is created I find something totally new. All I can say is thank you.
    After searching GBA games A-Z for years, I find it insane than any could slip by.
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    With almost 3000 GBA ROMs released, you can't expect all of them to be well-known or shovelware.

    And let's all thank GBAtemp for doing this. The only recommended games I had heard of before were the first three.
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    This looks interesting, I'll have to give it a shot. I actually just started playing Racing Gears Advance without realising it was on the Recommends list; I can see why it's there, though, good fun.
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    Now that's something unique, gonna give this a try on my psp.
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    Damn, I thought I knew most of the offbeat puzzle games.

    Thanks for highlighting this one.
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    This is something different I'll definately be looking into this one [​IMG]
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    actually this is a total rip-off of Rock'n'Roll for the amiga 500
    loved that game....
    so that kinda makes turbo turtle adventure a pretty kickass game, too, i guess [​IMG]
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    I really like the music from this game. Its nice and relaxing.
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    From Where???
    nerds and geeks diggin in the crates!

    cheers shaun, fun game.

  12. Smartpal

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    Thanks a lot, gonna try this one.
  13. Hadrian

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    I always got this confused with Franklin The Turtle so I never played it before.

    Had a go and yeah its a shameless rip off of Rock'n'Roll on Amiga 500 but still a good enough game.