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    Are there any suggestions you guys want to make on how I can improve the page and the letter to nintendo?

    Also I realize grammar is not one of my strengths so please point out any errors you see and how I can correct them
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    Precedent says otherwise. 3DS XL? When asked originally, "we have no plans". Then later, XL.

    I'm not saying that it's going to come because they said that, but precedent shows that saying that does not mean it will not come ever.
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    Since I'm not a native english speaker, I might have missed some mistakes but here is a correction by me

    Corrected letter

    Original letter

    PS.: hopefully I didn't introduce any new mistakes in the process
    PS2.: I changed every "GameBoyAdvance" appearance to "Game Boy Advance" since that's how Nintendo writes it.
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    All I'm gathering from this letter are piracy threats "Nintendo do as we say or we'll pirate your games!!!".
    Yeah I would tone down the piracy argument a bit, in the grand scheme of things the amount of people playing GBA on their DStwos are an insignificant number, however large that group might seem here.

    I don't know but with the way Nintendo has been I'm not to positive we'll get things done as we want them to, I mean what reason is there for ambassadors to selfishly want exclusive rights to these games? And with the "currently have no plans" statement they have every right in the world to release them. Maybe it's just Nintendo playing the usual slowpoke game.
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    inb4 GBA VC titles launch in 3-4 days. GBA VC titles are inevitable. How else is Nintendo gonna keep making money off of the Virtual Console and what good is it if you're limited up to N64 and GBC? And I doubt Nintendo would keep their biggest titles on the GBA locked up forever. Sure, there's a chance they'll stay exclusive forever. But imo, it's a very small chance. And it's a very unprofitable chance.