Gateway Emunand is it possible?

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    Ive been out of the 3ds scene for a while now but I have always updated Luma and kept up to speed with B9S on the side. I have now given up the will to live thinking gateway might just surprise us with an update of emunand but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen so I’m stuck still on firmware 11.2 is it possible to get gateway emunand working on the latest firmware 11.9 I do really miss rom access thanks
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    It is time to retire what is not Coming Soon™ fast enough or ever. You should have seen the writing of dropped support when the Stargate 3DS flashcart was released, which by the way also has its myriad of problems.

    1. Backup all your cart game saves with Checkpoint or JKSM.
    2. Ditch the Gateway 3DS flashcart.
    3. Convert all the *.3ds titles to *.cia version with GodMode9.
    4. Install those *.cia titles with FBI.
    5. Restore the saves with save manager of choice.
    6. If you have EmuNAND (or RedNAND), ditch this too.
      • Figure out a way to merge the EmuNAND HOME Menu titles collection with the SysNAND set.
      • Backup the saves + extdata first before dumping and reinstalling *.cia files. Reinstalling a game will overwrite/delete its previous save.
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