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    I'm having problems putting an altered save back onto my cart. I use a Gameshark DS Gamesaves to make .gds files of my (retail) Diamond save then use shunyweb's converter to make a (RAW format) 512kb .sav files for use with Pokesav. I open and edit the .sav file with no problems. Then I save the file as I should by clicking the 512k file option then clicking "Save As" then saving by adding a "b" to the file name-so not to overwrite the original save. Now this is where I start to have problems. I put my Pokesav .sav file back through shunyweb's converter (source format: RAW format .sav- target format: gameshark for nds [Force 512k].gds. But I can't seem to get the new .gds file to appear in the Gameshark's gamesaves list so I can't write it to my cart. Can anyone offer some advice on what to do?
    Just to bee clear here's a step-by-step of what I'm doing:

    1. Used my GS to make a .gds file (name: usrAC6.gds)
    2. Closed my Game Shark.
    3. Fired up FireFox and go to
    4. Ran my .gds file trough the converter with the settings:
    -Source Format: Game shark for NDS (.gds)
    -Target format: RAW Format [Force 512k](.sav)
    5. Then saved the new .sav file to My Documents.
    6. Opened Pokesav.
    7. Clicked the 'open' button and chose my .sav.
    8. Altered quite a bit in Pokesav (~46 new pokes, added seals, updated poketch, Max out my money, amongst other things).
    9. Clicked the '512k' file size option then en clicked 'Save As'.
    10. Saved the file as usrAC6b.sav.
    11. Sent the new file through shunyweb's converter with these settings:
    -Source Format:RAW Format(.sav)
    -Target Format:Game Shark for NDS[Force 512kb](.gds)
    12. Saved new .gds file to the Gameshark DS>Saves folder.
    13. Opened my Game Shark again.
    14. [​IMG] The save isn't appearing in the window.

    BTW I don't have have access to any other save back up devices(although I do have Gameshark DS v1.0). I'm using Pokesav (English 0.40c) and the Game Shark DS is v1.2 w/the most current patch (it allows the Gameshark to recognize the DP Pokemon games)