Games won't boot/PSP won't totally boot

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    A little over a year now, I dropped my PSP and it had stopped working right. At first, when I went to turn it back on, it would start to boot up, showing the Sony info, and then the waves, but then the waves would just keep moving, without bringing up the XMB menu. After a while, I learned that I can get it to boot by factory resetting it (Holding Square, Triangle, Start, and Select while booting) every time it turned all the way off. So after that happened, I got to examine it a little bit further. Disc reader was screwed... nice... and at first, all my signed games (I was on an OFW crusade at the time) would run at first, but if I quit out and went to play another, it would show the PSP logo, wait, and crash. Any game would do that. Because of that, I put down the PSP all together and rebought most of my games on PS3 (when I got one), or emulated them. Well, now I'm getting back into the PSP scene, and since then, I've CFW'd my PSP (Originally to use it as a PS3 controller), and since I use it more, it's getting more and more frustrating to have to set it up from scratch any time I want to play a different game. Does anyone know of a fix? I have somewhat remedied the booting issue by enabling the Skip Sony Logo at Boot in the Recovery Menu, but I would like an all out fix.
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