GameCube to Wii/Wii U adapter

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    I haven't had much luck with anything from MayFlash.
  3. Vague Rant

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    I've got a Mayflash NES/SNES adapter which works perfectly (no perceptible latency, tested with the 240p test suite's input lag test with same results as a genuine Classic Controller Pro). That said, I'd be wary of anything that needs to handle the complex throughput of a GameCube pad's sticks and triggers. For one, the GameCube has far greater analog sensitivity than the Classic Controller, so you need to be sure their analog curve adequately translates to the lower Classic Controller resolution. Then you have to hope they're doing that translation fast enough to be worth using.

    I'd recommend instead going with the open source ExtenMote project. This gives you a choice between multiple curves and button layouts, with update-able firmware to ensure you're getting any future improvements, too. There's also an option to pass the raw values to the console; commercial games won't recognize this, but homebrew (including Devolution) can take advantage of it to give you the full analog range as originally intended.