G4 PPC with Pro graphics hard drive question.

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    I picked up a G4 PPC tower, and it has RAM, and everything except a hard drive. I read that to get it to boot from one site i need the original HDD, but thats not possible for me to attain. Something about matching numbersbwith the actual unitor something. But in another site I read that I can format any HDD to a Mac format and that will work up to 80 GB and be able to boot to OS. The original was a 20GB. i do have an Emac and I made a bootable image on an external HDD drive from that using software, and the G4 PPC (tower) recognizes it, Im just wondering if I can format an 80Gb spare IDE internal drive to Mac i believe it was called GMT Format and use that when I load the external drive which has the image. Im almost positive it is a sawtooth, or maybe one model older. Its grey and white.
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    Fuck if I know. Apple does some weird shit with their hardware, and several times have used a slighty customized to be incompatible hard drive configuration.

    That being said, I think you can just pop in the drive and run the mac OS installer, I think leopard is the last supported version?
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