FW 4.5 RAM Editing?

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    Aug 2, 2014
    Since Spider3DSTools only works on FW 9.X and I downgraded to 4.5 they don't work anymore and in general they're not compatible with EmuNAND (3DS crashes after code execution instead of only the browser) so what are the alternatives?

    Is there a way to upgrade "safely" or
    are there any RAM tools compatible with 4.X?

    Can someone please find the updated addresses required for the functions because that's probably all that needs to be done?

    The best would be emuNAND FW 9.5 compatibility but sysNAND 4.5 would be okay too.
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    I been trying to figure this out. i have file open/read/write and sleep working. but i don't know how to do the most important one, GX_SetTextureCopy. i asked around a few times and haven't gotten any results.
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