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Aug 27, 2009
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hi I wanted to start a speculation/discussion thread it actually dawned on me that another part came to mind

this goes on the topic of anti piracy measures/anti cheat if someone comes across sw/sh leaked I want to know if one an active NNID (un banned) is required along with an active internet connection for local wireless trade/battle (similar to SMM2) and 2 if the same is needed to start the game (like MK 11) I fear at least the former if not both is the case which would not only prevent pirates from using some features but incovienence if not piss off a lot of legit players my best hope is like LGP/LGE but I doubt that's the case

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if they ban you for having the game early could they not get sued...? some legit players can get the game early by legal means so they can't do anything to you. as long as you're not an idiot like those for s/m and go online with it
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    I mean you can tell it's not a real photo, that it's been edited at least, but I would never believe this was a drawing, made BY a computer.
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    yeah really only a few tells that its not real
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    crazy that it's already this advanced, in a decade all the best fap material will be AI-generated
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    When I was a kid this is what digital images of women looked like:
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    till we got leotard samus
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    don't ever say ninty didn't give fanservice
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    gud times
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    Nowadays we can just tell Google to plug our search history into Midjourney and generate us bespoe porn tailored exactly to our tastes.
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    I haven't seen this much entrails since I watched Bad Taste.
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