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  1. toguro_max

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    Nihao all.

    About two years ago I asked a couple of questions about the DS, and amongst them there was one that was about a possibility of a Friend Code calculator.

    Well, 2 years has passed, and here I ask again, but this time for the Wii: Is there any application that / Is it possible to take the Wii Internal Friend Code (WIFC) and calculate the Friend code for a specifc game? Of course you would need the, hmm, "key" to do the maths for each game, and I don't even know whether it's possible to obtain this "key" or not...

    If it was possible, it would be great, because you could add your friend's WIFC, and through the calculator add his specific game FC as well.

    Since a lot of progress were made on Wii Hacking and stuff, maybe someone already did it and I just don't know how to find.
  2. KiiWii

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    I don't get you.

    Why "calculate" a friend code?

    What would this achieve?

    Are you trying to invent friends?
  3. championskill

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    Dec 25, 2008
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    yeah, I agree say if there were a application that calculates the friend code. What would you want to do with it? just curious.
  4. wessel261

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    Jan 30, 2008
    You guys read it wrong.
    He doesn't want to choose a game, and a friend code pops out.
    But the other way around.
    He wants to insert a given friendcode, and the calculator says what game it is.

    as for the answer, I don't know [​IMG].
  5. xander150

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    No. You got it wrong.
    He wants to enter a Wii Friend code and then the app should display the Game Friend codes for every game that has online-multiplayer.
    I don't think this is as simple as just "using a key" but you'd need to disassemble the game, find the friend code calculation routine and then you'd need to rewrite it into the language of your tool (preferably C but most noobs use or such a shit).
    This would work but it's too much work for a tool that only 13 persons would use.
  6. toguro_max

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    Feb 24, 2007
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    The idea is something like that:
    I add my firend's (that will be called "Tom") WIFC to this app.
    Then he buys, hmmm, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
    I would select in the app the game DBZ: BT3, and then it would return me his friend code for that game.

    Why would I want it? Well, the GBATemp's Friend code databse is really cool, BUT not all my friends are Tempers (nor speak english) AND not everyone adds their friend code to the database as well.
    With this app, I believe that exchanging firend codes would be easier...
  7. zuron7

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    Apr 6, 2009
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    The is idea you have is totally possible but someone would have to make it.

    Your idea is somehow similar to the friend code database on GBAtemp but you want the friend code to be added to the game that you and your friend own automatically.

    To the others who still haven't understood: He wants an homebrew app where you can make a list of your owned FC's.So when you add your friends Wii FC (the16 digit one)and when a particular friend using the same app gets a new game and adds it to his list of FC's the FC gets automatically added to the game.

    I know what he wants but I suck at explaining.
  8. YayMii

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    Jun 24, 2009
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    I don't think you get how the friend codes are created. Because on a single game, you can have millions of different friend codes on a single Wii. So entering the main friend code to find a game's friend code is impossible.
  9. techboy

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    Mar 15, 2009
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    So he wants an app that automatically shares the FCs, then imports the FCs into their respective games. The Wii FC is just a unique list identifier.

    In theory this could work assuming there was a central server to store the FCs, and we spent time to figure out how the friend roster data is stored at least for common games. Is it worth the time and effort? No.
  10. Riicky

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    May 15, 2009
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    I think i understand what he is asking:

    1.Find out HOW friend codes are generated for wi-fi games
    (maybe its an encryption of some sort, using a "key" word, and maybe it takes the Wii's ID code, and uses that as a base, and encrypts it using the "key" code,leaving you with a wifi game ID?) just a guess..
    2.Build a handy little pc app that would load up an xml file (and update it as necessary), containing a list of wifi games, and thier "keys", all you would need to do then is enter your/friend's Wii I.D, select which game, and presto!

    That is a is big big guess but, it does seem possible
  11. WiiCrazy

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    May 8, 2008
    It's possible actually but where is the benefit? You and the peer still need to enter the FC for each game individually.

    Why it's possible, here I'll explain...

    A must for a friend code is it should be unique. Every wii have unique properties such as console id, it's wifi's mac address, it's public rsa key and so on.

    So what happens possibly is, game takes an unique key [one of the above] from the wii and takes the disc id or something else unique to all games or all wifi supporting games and combines them in a way that the resulting code always be unique...

    ps: I ignored the possibility of Nintendo wiiconnect24 assigning FC's on connection...
  12. terminal_illness

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    how about a program that you input all your friend codes into and that assigns you another code(for the program) you then give that code or username or whatever to someone and then boom they pull up all your friend codes. they write them down and input them into the games they would be interested in playing with you. maybe it also has a chat function and wii speak. take away some of the power trip nintendo has.

    meet new people and such, have a master chat room for every wii game . im sure xat wouldnt mind hosting the chat part.

    it needs to be easier to meet people to play online with. and friend codes need to be easier.

    i know all of these things are available online right now. but what is the percentage of people who use them? almost none.

    if there was an awesome homebrew like the pretend one i mentioned, most if not all of the homebrew scene wii people will use it. and thats ALOT.

    if there was a STANDARD way to do all of this that everyone knew about i wouldnt have brought up my idea.
  13. toguro_max

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    Feb 24, 2007
    São Vicente, Brazil
    Yep, this is basically what I asked. (and yes, it's more complicated to explain than i thoght...)

    I've created a mock up of what I meant:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The I'd add it manually to the game.
    Buuuuut, as mentioned before, it may not be that useful for most of people. Oh gosh...
  14. Wiimm

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    Aug 11, 2009
    I'm looking for an algorithm to calculate the friend code of a NDS game by using internal profile id. And then I find this old thread and I know the answer:
    That's it.
    The gamespy server (and nowadays Wiimmfi) creates a profile ID simply increasing a 32-bit value for each new profile id. The friend code is then calculated based on this profile id only for displaying and code exchange with a checksum.

    For MKW and most Wii games the algorithm is known, but for SSBB, WiiWare games and NDS game it is unknown. That the reason for searching.

    more details: