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    So I get a call from this number


    And it's an automated message saying they are from Schools Fraud Prevention Services (Schools being the credit union I got my card from). At first I was going to go along with what the recording was telling me (was about to hit 1 for English), but then I decided to just let it go and hear what it had to say. They had my name and last few digits of my card. Being skeptical about the possibility of this being a scam, I looked online for that number. Some places say it is a suspicious number, and others say that it's Visa Fraud Prevention Services. Now, my card is a Visa, but still. What I'm going to do is head on over to my local credit union today after work to talk with them about it, but what do you all think?

    Is it legit?
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    Yeah I'd go to your CU and talk with them as I'm not sure if it is real or not and something that serious would need to be 100%
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    People may well call you but if in doubt then call the branch/relevant number yourself, best if you source the number as well (call us back on ?? is the same thing as doing nothing, except you now foot the bill for the call). I assume we are not in the tapped/redirected phone line level of crazy; I can not say I have heard of spear phishing at that level but hey.

    Name and last few digits is available on most receipts, if you gave your phone number to sign up to a service at the same time..... There was even an interesting case of a parking garage using the third set of four numbers as well but this is not the thread for it.
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    when in doubt, step up and call yourself the company and ask them if they have records of calling you or something..
    or do what you told us, go to the local credit union and they will tell you if its a scam or not
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    I forgot

    If you get a call from a random 800 number, 99 times out of 100 it's just scam crap. Always google the number if they claim to be from a business, if the results are legit then...well, it's legit. If not, then congratulations, you've avoided really obvious scams.