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May 26, 2017
United States
I need some help here, so I'll just list how it started and what I think is wrong first.
I first decided to install a game using WUP installer. However, instead of downloading it in the USB, I did so in the NAND, that of which didn't have enough free space to fully download. Therefore, it didn't fully download.
However, I noticed it kept some data, or partially downloaded files/folders, as when I checked the system memory, it only has around 100 mb. Before I downloaded the game, it had around 3-4 gb. The game is around 4 gb, and because the game didn't fully download, and it doesn't appear in the wii u menu or in the data management screen, I assume the files remained in the system.

( btw, I tried to use FTPiiU to delete of what I was sure were the temporary files. (I know, I tried to be really careful). However, once I do that, go back to the wii u menu, and it goes to a black screen. anyways, I rebooted, rechecked if there is now free space in the data management, however; there still isn't. I repeated this process again, and nothing happens. The folder I deleted reappears for some reason)
Anyways, the method mentioned ^ above ^ may be one way for a fix, and I may go back to it, but there might be another fix/question which I also need you're guys help with.

When I go to the data management screen, it asks me if that it "Found unnecessary data. Do you want to delete it to make more space?" However, that message has been appearing for me for a long while already, as I left it alone because I assumed it detected the "DONT TOUCH ME" app I have, (because I have CHBC installed into my wii u). Because I thought that, I didn't want to mess with it. However, I think that I may have been mistaken. Maybe I also failed to install something through WUP Installer before, (I don't remember) and that was what the message was for before. Anyways, can I press delete when given that message, and will it work, or will it also delete the "DO NOT TOUCH" app, (which I dont want, as it could brick the console, i think).

Anyways, any help would be appreciated. I don't want those files to remain in my Wii U. 3-4 gb is a lot for my 32gb wii U. I may have left some stuff out, so please ask me anything if needed and I'll try to respond with what I can.

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