Formatting memory stick / general firmware help

Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by crablungs, Nov 7, 2008.

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    Nov 7, 2008
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    My PSP (PHAT version 2.71) has been untouched for a very long time and I thought I'd have a go at installing custom firmware, so I updated from my included 32MB stick and ordered a 8GB Pro Duo Ultra II from Amazon.

    Anyways, when I first got it, I went to the in system option to format the memory stick and I did, however when I connected the USB it didn't respond like my other card did. So, I then went to My Computer and then its removable drive, and it says that it has not been formatted and when I click yes to format it only gives me the option to format it to FAT32 (which I've heard is not what I want) and to 3.51 GB capacity which is much lower than its capacity.

    And as for it being fake or not, I looked at the card's information on my PSP, but the information for Magic Gate capability is not there (meaning its completely blank of the words "Magic Gate" on the screen) , just "User Capacity" and "Free Space" are there, but I suspect this has something to do with my firmware being so old.

    So, I don't really know what to do. I'd appreciate any help!
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    It seems unusual that Magic Gate is not there, that would flag up to me that it was a fake.

    However, with your firmware being so old, it may be that your psp does not support 8GB cards yet.

    I take it you do not have custom firmware on your PSP yet. Well, I have potential bad news for you. It is possible that an 8GB card is not going to work for installing CFW. When I created my own magic memory stick for use with the pandora battery, everywhere seemed to suggest that you could not create the Magic Memory stick on cards above 4GB.

    You may need to get a smaller capacity card to allow you to do this, or perhaps even get a pre done magic memory stick just till you get custom firmware on your PSP, and then once you have a latter version, the 8GB card should be okay.

    I am fairly new to hacking psp's, so this may all be a load of old twoddle.

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    Jan 17, 2008
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    I'm also needing to make a MMS. I'm using the Pandora Deluxe v. 7 and just got my 256mb card in the mail. I'm still unfamiliar with all these things... do I need the 1.50 FW or the M33 fW? What does the M33 stand for anyway? And do I want to load ALL of the firmware versions? Do I need to slowly upgrade from the lowest version to the current or is there some reason I'd want to keep the older versions? The newest one that shows on the program is 5.00 firmware. Does it want me to load the official sony files or the hacked fw? I'm confused about this.