Force Unleashed 2 first story details

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    This comes from the French magazine scans that I posted a few days earlier, now with translations. Be warned that this includes SPOILERS for the first game, so turn away now if you don't want it spoiled. It gives some details of the plot of the sequel as well as some important story sequences apparently.

    - takes place 6 months after the first game
    - Vader is still looking for an apprentice
    - Starkiller is cloned several times over on Kamino
    - being trained in prison in order to 'break' him
    - previous clones have gone mad due to the accelerated cloning process
    - tutorial fight against Proxy droids
    - when a droid takes the form of Juno, Starkiller can't bring himself to kill her
    - the clone still has memories of Juno and Vader's betrayl
    - Starkiller flees to find Juno, and steals Vader's own tie fighter in the process
    - General Kota is being held, awaiting execution on Cato Nemodia
    - Starkiller rescues Kota from the gladiatorial arena
    - Kota reveals that it's impossible to clone a Jedi's powers
    - Starkiller heads to Dagobah to meditate
    - dual blue lightsabers
    - multiplayer in some form
    - Force Persuade is a new power

    So they somehow cloned the main character, which i think someone mentioned was a possibility in the other thread. I can't exactly figure out from this text whether that means you're playing as the original Starkiller or one of his clones though. It's a bit confusing from that. Starkiller was pronounced dead by both Vader and the Emperor in the first after a fierce battle, so it's a wonder how he survived considering they should know of all people... But maybe this means you'll be fighting more jedi here since there will be Starkiller clones walking around everywhere. I just hope they improve the lightsaber combat to be more realistic like Jedi Knight. I should not have to cut a person with no force or saber protection 5 times just to kill him.
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    Looks interesting this does [​IMG]

    I really liked the first one, if this one is as good as the first it will be a definite purchase
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    Wii motion plus light saber fights is MANDATORY! [​IMG]
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    I'm not sure how that would work with two lightsabers, unless the nunchuck is used for the second saber without motion plus. But the developers of the Wii version did indeed express their indignation that they didn't know about Motion Plus at the time of development and that they'd like to use it in a future Star Wars game. If they were mad about it, there's no excuse not to this time.

    I'm actually very curious about the Wii version too. I'm always one to scrape into the "lesser" versions of games since i don't hate a 360 or PS3. I always tend to look at the PS2, Wii, or even DS versions and see how they play. Force Unleashed was actually a pretty solid Wii game. It wasn't HD nor did it have the advanced physics of the others, but it was still a solid game. Not that Force Unleashed was the best game ever on any of the systems it was on, but it was pretty good. Just overhyped to death and ended up being rather disappointing for a lot of people.
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    oct 26 2010

    what system will you get it for?
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    Dual blue lightsabers.


    Wouldn't mind a saberstaff option, even if only for non-story.