Foobar2000 volume low?

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by Sonic Angel Knight, May 2, 2017.

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    If someone can help me cause i dunno how to fix it. But for some reason when I play music on foobar, the volume seem to not be consistent. To be specific, i'm not playing MP3 audio music of common type, i'm playing console emulated music, SPC, GYM, NSF. The files require a decoder plugin i use call "Foobar Game Emu Player" The problem is when i play SPC (Super Nintendo) files, they are generally lower than when i play GYM (Sega genesis) audio, I dunno why or how to fix the issue.

    I found another plugin called SNESAPU, this one seem a lot better than the GEP but is only for spc which is the only trouble with GEP, it can change the sample rate from 32 to 192000, and other features, it also has a volume slider, but for some reason when i change it from default, the player has bugs and errors playing the music after short time, sometimes it skips or other problems, so changing the volume just causes problems. I just wanted to make the sound higher to match the sound of GYM files i play. I can tell the difference when i have a app with music in the backgroud playing, GYM is higher to either overshadow or match it while SPC is always lower.
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    Try to enable the Automatic Volume Ramping feature or whatever it is called in Foobar. It will consistently incrase or decrase the output volume according to a peak level superior to what files are encoded first.
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