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    So let's say you have one of those old Hitachi Drives like me and would like to flash them for back up purposes. I've written a guide to show you how!

    Now the special thing about Hitachi Drives is that in order for windows to read it, you have to put the drive into MODE B. You can either do this by sending Mode B to the drive with jungleflasher or by using SLAX, I'm showing you the SLAX Method. But the one I'm showing you to day is the V79, which needs more than just Mode B. So let's start.

    Things Needed:

    1: A longer SATA Cable.

    2: CDs

    3: Slax

    4: Compatible Chip Set

    5: JungleFlasher

    6: Way to power drive (Connectivity Kit is reccomended.)

    7: Latests Hitachi Ixtreme Firmware.

    Firstly you would have to take apart your xbox, video below will show you how.


    Step 1: Putting Drive into Mode B.

    After which you will unplugged the SATA cable that is connecting the dvd drive to the motherboard. Then you connect your longer SATA cable in the dvd drive, and then computer.

    Now, before you do any of the above, make sure you that you have two things already ready:

    1. Your Slax disc burned for putting the drive into MODE B.

    2. You have the burned audio disc for the 79 Unlock.

    Also make sure you have some way to power your drive. You can either power it by using your xbox or by getting the connectivity kit. Either one is fine. Though if you do use the xbox to power it, make sure you have a a grounding strap.

    When you're ready, turn on your computer and insert the SLAX disc. Wait till it gets to this screen.


    When it gets to that screen, check to see if your drive is in mode b. It should take 2 press to eject and 3 to close. If you are getting that, than unplug the SATA Cable,restart your pc and take out the SLAX disc.

    Step 2: Unlocking Drive

    Start your computer up again. Right when Windows is booting up, reconnect your SATA cable. If done correctly, you should see your drive pop up on "My Computer". Try ejecting it to be sure.

    Procced to open JungleFlasher and go to the tab "Hitachi GDR3120".


    You will see on the bottom left corner "79 Unlock", insert your audio disc in your 360 drive and press play. The drive will eject and close. Your drive is now unlocked!

    Step 3: Dumping Firmware.

    Now go to the part where it saids "Flashing Options" and check the box "Dump Drive" and Click "Read to Source". It will dump your drives firmware, save in somewhere safe.

    Also, go back to the "Firmware 32 Tool" Tab to see if everything is done right. You should see your dvd key, which I really advise you to save in case of your Dvd drive getting broken.


    Step 4: Flashing Drive.

    Now you should be sure that your Ixtreme firmware is inside the folder "firmware" that is inside the jungleflasher folder. After which you will want to go back to the Hitachi tab and check "Flash iXtreme" and then click "Flash Hacked f/w"

    It will dump your drive again, so either rename or put it in a safe place. It will also do a stabilty test to make sure everything is all right. If everything checks out, it should flash the sectors of your drive and bam, your drive is hacked!

    Now its time to put your xbox back together.

    If you have any questions or anything I should include, than do please tell me.
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    If only this guide existed when I flashed my Hitachi.

    You may want to mention what version of slax to get, I remember having to go through a few before it worked
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    Ha, I remember doing this t'was a pain in the ass. Nice guide btw.
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