First Third Party 3DS Virtual Console Titles

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    The 3DS Virtual Console is only a matter of weeks away, and while we've known for some time that Nintendo's own Super Mario Land and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX are coming, no third party games for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color had been announced. Until now.

    North American ratings bastion the ESRB has put out ratings for two Jaleco titles for Game Boy: Fortified Zone and Avenging Spirit, pegging both as E for Everyone.

    Fortified Zone is a top-down shooter, whereas Avenging Spirit is a side-scrolling platform game with an ingenious twist: your spirit can leave the character's body and inhabit enemies, including giant robots, commandos and more. Imagine a cutesy 2D version of Geist, sort of.

    We still have no official launch date for the 3DS eShop but as soon as it's announced, we'll bring it to you.[/p]

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    Can't wait for more. I wonder how much these are gonna cost. [​IMG]
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    that's nice to know. i still need to get a 3ds...