"Firefly" Game Set For 2014 Release

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    So let's start our story from the very beginning. Firefly was a little show that premiered on Fox back in 2002, created by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Avengers, you know, nothing big). Best described as a "space western", it followed the adventures of Captain Mal Reynolds and his crew through the frontiers of the verse. It was a fun little show with some smart writing, a great sense of humor, and an interesting mythos - so, of course, Fox treated the show like shit and cancelled it before the end of the year.

    Critics adored the show, however, and a fiercely loyal contingent of fans emerged. This newfound following was enough to get the series a movie, called Serenity... which bombed at the box office. There were talks of an MMO... that never amounted to anything. There was a campaign to bring the show back... that never went anywhere. Do you see the pattern here? To be a Firefly fan is to suffer.

    Which brings us to...

    :arrow: Polygon

    We finally get a game... and it's a smartphone title. You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, Fox. Bravo.

    As for the developers, well... I didn't find much on QMXi, and Spark Plug Games are responsible for timeless classics like Dairy Queen Tycoon and a port of Puzzle Quest 2. Truly the big damn heroes we've been waiting for! (If you can't tell, I'm not terribly excited.)

    Fox, I just have one thing to say... "Take my love, taint the brand, sell me shit I cannot stand. I don't care if it's free, you can't take the show from me."
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    Christ, really? No offense, but I honestly hated that show. (Doctor Who is my go-to space/time related show.) The characters seemed shallow and the humor was shit. Overall, I give this my give-a-damn rating of: None.
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    *Sees the devs & it's for smartphones* Drat! WHY?!!!!!!!!

    But then I think to myself, when has there every really been a good game based on a TV show, especially a sci-fi one? Why is it whoever decides who makes a licensed game never picks a good dev? (Money obviously, but still) Have a well established dev make a licensed game, and it might be good.

    Not saying newer devs shouldn't get a chance, but right now we need to break this horrible streak of bad licensed games
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    This game is problematic.
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    The 2002 PS2 Battlestar galactica game did reasonably well. I would probably not suggest going back to it and instead point you at some of the mods people made instead (many were really well done). After that I am not sure I can think of
    Most others seem to be based on crime shows and are the main think keeping point and click alive (also frequently terrible) or are glorified minigames with a licensed titlescreen.

    That said after that we mainly have things like Dark Angel and Farscape, both of which were less than stellar.

    As for the matter at hand I am going with eh. I am largely indifferent to the show (I do not regret watching it but have no great desire to rewatch it ever) and found more interest in things like the Fox vs Etsy stuff from a few months back.
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    I liked the show and the movie was really awesome. It's a shame how some good shows get canned easily yet crappy shows get to run over 5 seasons sometimes. =S
    As for the game... I was expecting something similar to Star Trek Online, a smartphone game will be somewhat lacking given what they could do with the series.
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    5 bucks says the game is only live for a year before it gets canned.