Fire Linker 128m+Xboo help

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    I've got a Fire Linker 128m (SZCard Ver. 1) from Dealextreme. The one that came with the Xboo cable and looks a nice translucent blue. It's breathed quite a bit of fresh life into my GBA. I love the plethora of emulators I can run alongside 1 or 2 (If I squeeze hard) GBA titles at a time on it.

    It serves me well except that I cannot get Activision Anthology to work on it. Flashes just fine. But if I try adding it to a Multi it runs SRAMPATCH and gets an access violation in Windows 98 (Compaq Armada 110 Laptop running Win98SE and SPLINK) my GBASP is the Powder-blue AGS-101 with the ultrabright screen.

    If I do an SRAM Patch seperately, it still flashes just fine. Except that it freezes on the Nintendo logo.

    Dumped the ROM from the original cart just fine too, and it runs in VBA-M. So whatever's happening is affecting the GBASP directly.

    Alternatively, and this is a much-less-pressing issue. SPLINK, all the menus and buttons show up as question marks when run in 98.

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