Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon (U)

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    hey guys, ive been playin this lately and been working on gettin all the characters and also going to the gaiden chapters, but to do so you have to kill off people, so i have been and planned on using the infinate weapon cheat on the staff to ressurect people near the end but i accidently killed off someone i need to use to recruit someone.

    so my question is. is there an action replay code that will enable anyone to use any weapon/staff/magic?

    if not is there a way to create such a code, and if so can either someone do it for me, or can someone teach me how to do it myself, though itll take me awhile cuz i have never done it before but if i get taught, ill do my best to do it.

    thx everyone
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    Sep 19, 2009
    hrm, most likely, allthou it would require some hex editing me thinks, so then you may aswell just activate the conditions to do what you want to do, might be faster, might be longer, i dont know. i dont really know much about hex editing, in fact i dont really care either, im just browsing the forums till the episodes im downloading finish (stargate SG1, found a site with all the episodes, so just working my way though)

    lol pointless answer? maby, or it might just be the key to what your looking for.

    download done, peace
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    Not to mention the recesses of GameFAQs and fan boards.