Fire Emblem if/Fates - Need help with RE work ( subtitles )

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    Mar 21, 2016
    Hi guys,

    I'm currently trying to make a full patch of Fire Emblem if for HANS ( Anya Houkoku / Conquest for the moment ) and I've come across a problem.

    I combined the fan translation with the official translation, keeping the official menus and stuff but using the fan translation for the missions, My Room and a few dialogues, the names and the items names.
    I also kept the japanese voices because the english dub is just... urgh.

    What I need help with is a feature found only in the english version : subtitles.

    I already located the file containing the subtitles ( MovieSubtitles.bin.lz ) in Fates and added it in the ExeFS of FE:if, the translation patch is working flawlessly except for a character in the font which seems to not be read correctly but that's another thing.

    I already took the code.bin from the japanese version of Conquest and the english version of the Special Edition and compared them in a debugger ( IDA Pro ) and located what seems to be the subroutine used for movies but... I actually have nearly no experience with ASM except Pokemon hacking on GBA and I feel like I won't find the solution alone.

    So what I already did is :
    - Located the subroutine in Fates's code.bin and copied it at the end of the one from FE:if -> No crash when running the game, but when checking the file in IDA Pro I noticed the instructions where not the same at all ( the program didn't notice it was actually a subroutine, it just put a commentary about a chunk in the middle of the instructions so I guess it was not the way to go )

    - Located the same subroutine in FE:if and replaced it with Fates' instead -> Black screen after the loading of the extdata ( when the opening cutscene is supposed to play ) so I guess I'm on the good way, but when checking the subroutine in IDA Pro, I also get different and missing instructions and that's what I don't understand.

    Since I copied the subroutine without any change, isn't it supposed to be exactly the same when I check the subroutine in IDA Pro?

    If possible I would appreciate some guidance about what I did wrong, even better would be a link to a tutorial but I doubt there's actually a tutorial which explains exactly what I need. Or if you're interested in helping, that would be great !

    I added a screenshot of the subroutine as an attached file, feel free to check. ( left is Fates, right is If )
    As you can see, I copied the subroutine in Fates but it doesn't display the same at all ( even if I didn't change all the offsets yet but for now I would like the subroutines to be the same on both sides... )

    PS: Sorry for my English btw, it's not my native language

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    Try forums instead.
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    Mar 21, 2016
    Okay, I'll check this out, thank you !